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still need to upgread the keyboard using

when i use "down" button it just move down, however, i could not see the detail of the next without using mouse to click it . totaily it is not that easy to use

its not working

This app was working for awhile. Now- it will not load my feeds and instead of going to my google feeds, it wants you to log in to twitter. There doesnt seem to be a way around this. I cant seem to get my feeds back. Of course, my feeds are different than my twitter account. Please fix.


This is the exact kind of RSS app i was looking for but i wish there was more customiation options like the tab that comes down should have like a black/grey color scheme and the icon in the menu bar should be just the RSS icon black and when you have it open ot should change to orange and when you pull down the tab it should just show all the new rss feeds and not all the other options! Please take this into consideration for the next update

it takes too much memory

right now it takes excatly 544.4 MB of my ram, isnt too much for a reader. I know that you can fix it when you do you will get 5 stars

Needs work.

Downloaded this app 2 days ago. Since then, Ive experienced a few glaring problems. 1- When I click "Mark all as read," most times the window doesnt refresh, even after I click refresh. 2- When I open the app, it doesnt seem to remember what folder I was in last time, and automatically starts with "All Items." 3- The only preference is Open at Login. Itd be nice to have a sound notification for when a new item comes in, as well as an option to change the icon in the menubar to black. I really dont like this app. Love MailTab and FaceTab, but this one really needs some work.

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